Team Intellicom

Our mission is to offer process excellence in each program. To achieve this goal, we have developed a rigorous hiring and training system that ensures a minimum level of skill and qualification for each CSR.

Our recruitment process is based on a profiling system where we develop a profile of the ideal CSR before initiating recruiting process for each program

For our CSR staff, the minimum education requirement is that of a college degree. Other qualifications include :

Outstanding Communication Skills
PC and Internet Familiarity
Experience in a Customer Service Industry, and
Aptitude or Experience in the Client Specific Industry

All the applicants are required to go through a rigorous selection procedure that includes :

A Telephonic Interview
An English Exam
Group Discussion, and
A Personal Interview

Every stage of the Intellicom selection process is an elimination-round enabling us to screen out unsuitable candidates at each level. At an average, we take-in about 2% of all applicants.