Remote Quality Monitoring

Our obsession with Customer Interaction Quality has resulted in a separate niche practice group at Intellicom – Remote Quality Management.

Intellicom is the ONLY offshore quality monitoring vendor for a Fortune 200 US Company which has engaged us to monitor their US & Canadian call centers and provide feedback for compliance to internal processes, best practices and regulatory compliance.

We directly monitor the service centers and record their interactions to use for the QC (Quality Control). We use digital analysis tools, surveys for customer satisfaction, market research and other prospects of finding the potential customer.

Our expert staff at Intellicom assures that the quality is matched and the services provided by the outside agencies are dutiful. We try and reduce the risk incorporated with lead cancellation, reduction in defaulters, and proper reach of the potential customers.

Some of the other support USPs are-

Our remote call monitoring service helps in reducing complaints & cancellations
The service helps in improving the brand and its respective image in front of the prospective buyers.
Remote monitoring solutions from us at Intellicom help in monitoring customer care centers remotely.
The services also help in finding the level of user's satisfaction and improving the service quality of the company.
We at the company also extend our services for improving the customer care with proper and convenient transactions.
Our experienced team evaluates the calls for the external marketing agencies and then provides them evaluation.
We also evaluate the online and social media interaction and we always think of improving them too

Come to us and know more
To achieve transparency and flexibility, Intellicom has built a web application where all the monitoring forms, vendor specific feedback and the actual call are available apart from various customizable reports.

Contact us for a demo of this application and to understand how we can help you reduce your quality management overheads while bringing in best practices.

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