Quality Assurance

Quality system at Intellicom supports in building and sustaining relationships by assessing, anticipating and fulfilling stated and implied needs by our customers and clients. Transaction level information captures helps in making the invisible process visible and escalation for compliance issues.

Quality Audit & Monitoring systems begin with detailed process maps and identification of output deliverables covering Volume, Speed (including turn around time), Accuracy and Cost. In order to map exact client expectations and output deliverables, Critical To Quality (CTQ) parameters with operational definitions, specifications and prioritization are defined for each program at Intellicom.

Multiple levels of process controls and checkpoints are an integral part of the quality organization at Intellicom. The programs are staffed with an industry-best QA to associates' ratio of 1:16 as compared to the industry average of 1:25, giving an added edge to the ability to perform on a daily, real time basis. Our state of the art technology enables us to monitor all media like voice, data, email & Internet. Post-contact monitoring, as well as providing associates with valuable and regular feedback on their performance is a consistent practice.

To achieve high & consistent performance standards for our programs, we run periodic checks on our QA processes.

R&R Calibration – These sessions are conducted every fortnight to gauge reproducibility & repeatability of the stakeholders. The idea is to make all participants on the same page. Transaction level details are discussed and individual deviation is calculated, which is then measured against the given performance standard. Participants are then coached on their individual disconnects by the Quality managers.

Client Calibration – These sessions intend to gauge client expectations correctly. Quality leads; process owners and client representatives review transactional details and comment on accuracy, service level and other applicable parameters. Any changes are then reflected in the operational definition of these parameters and circulated to all stakeholders.

Quality & Compliance scores contribute significantly towards employee incentives in each program at Intellicom thus providing the inherent drive to achieve performance standards.