Market Research & Database Updating

Intellicom works with database companies, market research houses and government bodies for phone based market research and database updation. We help in gathering the data, analyzing it for the fruitful results, research about the competitors and plan according to help our clientele.

Being one of the dedicated Market research firms, we at Intellicom help in providing the forecast of the upcoming events and getting the insight of the future market condition. We provide comprehensive research strategies and hence, our services are directly proportional for the growth of the company.

Some of our services for the market research are-

Lifestyle Survey
Product Surveys
Market Research
Database Verification & Updation
Opinion Polls
Brand conversion research
Retail audits
GIS mapping
Product launch study
Data collection and analysis
Sales forecasting
Observation for the onsite purchases
Product success tracking
Opinion survey for employee and employer both

Intellicom, one of the Marketing consulting firms also provides quantitative research strategies that includes-

Face to face interviews: This is the frequent strategy that we perform. Here we take interviews of the live audience for the product and services the company caters. It is the most effective way because people participate for the betterment of the brand.

Telephonic Surveys: We also help in organizing the short surveys through the telephone calling. This way, the customers feel associated with the product services and the company.

Online survey: We being the Marketing research firm also helping doing the online surveys where, we do the viral posts and see user revert for that. We have robust and unique survey strategies.

To increase efficiency of the system, we have developed customizable Computer Aided Telephone Interview (CATI) software integrated with the predictive dialer.

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