Make Your Business Customer-Focused with IntelliCRM and Watch the Revenues Growing

Intellicom, as a renowned IT consulting firm from India, has innovatively designed a customizable and cost-effective customer management application named IntelliCRM. The application is aimed to help organizations from all possible industrial domains in meeting the demands of the modern-day customers who are empowered like never before.

IntelliCRM comprises a complete and comprehensive set of CRM functionalities to help companies and organizations of every type, geography, and size in meeting the daunting challenges connected with operations, customer sales and support. Intellicom has been deploying customized versions of IntelliCRM over Cloud and also over premise in multiple industries.

The IntelliCRM Architecture includes:

Customer Interaction Database
Product Support
Scripting Engine-Up Sell, Cross-Sell, and Savers
Collections – Initial and Partial Declines
Customer Self Service IVR / Portal
Integration Tools – Database, Payment Processing, Fulfillment, and Telephony
Client and Business Function Level Customization
Knowledge and Content Management
Business Work Flow
Core Application Platform

IntelliCRM is among the most buzzing customer management solutions from the top IT consulting companies worldwide. It helps to:

Customer Acquisition – Cash on all possible avenues of acquiring new customers.
Customer Retention – Fortify relationships with the existing customers to maintain their loyalty and retain them for as long as possible.
Customer Loyalty – Create and manage customer loyalty programs
Business Productivity – Achieve the ultimate goal of increased business productivity.

With IntelliCRM, Intellicom adds another milestone to its technology consulting services. Request for a demo right now!