Customer Service

The customer service industry is constantly evolving and there is increasing demand for customer support channels. Thus, the importance of customer service outsourcing has magnified over the last few years. Intellicom provides outsourced customer service across industries through various channels.

Customer service outsourcing can be done with services like online transaction support, voice-enabled customer care and help desk services. It is wise to outsource customer service and the various customer focused programs that help clients improve their customer experience.

It has become essential for enterprises to effectively deal with customers throughout their lifecycle. Intellicom understands the specific expectations of the client and handles them in a comprehensive and sustainable manner.

It goes without saying that customer service becomes increasingly important when the one of the goals of a business is customer retention. Thus, having a strong and properly working customer support system is a must. Customer service is gradually transforming from being a cost center to being a profit center and is one of the major differentiators between businesses.

Our Service Offerings:

Account Maintenance
Query Management
Transaction Support & Payment Processing
Customer Retention
Payment / Billing Related
Logistics – Where Is My Order
Warranty / Replacement Support
Technical Support

Intellicom also supports self-service mechanisms. We have integrated a comprehensive IVR platform and can deliver complex applications to front-end any customer care application.